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Are Google right to abandon security fixes on Androids older than KitKat?


Google is sticking to its plans regarding their decision to cease providing fix patches for versions of necessary software that is used in versions of Android prior to 4.4 "KitKat". What does this mean and is it the right decision?

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How safe is official computer data from hacker threats?


Professor Richard Benham, visiting professor in cyber security management at Coventry University, has warned that governments and banks could be "brought to their knees" by computer hackers due to a "weak link" when it comes to staff who aren't trained proficiently in cyber security.

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No more Microsoft support for Windows 7


Microsoft has now stopped its mainstream support for the popular Windows 7 operating system. As from 13th January, this withdrawal of this service came into play nine months after they did the same with Office 2003 and Windows XP. The move also comes ahead of support termination for its Windows Server 2003 operating system which is still very much widely used across the globe.

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Arguments over proposed EU data protection regulations could result in 2016 delay


The European Union's data protection regulations could be delayed until 2016, due to British and business objections. According to the vice chairman of the European Parliament committee overseeing the bill, MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, the regulations – that would carry large potential penalties for businesses found to have broken them – would sidestep the common decree of existing EU laws.

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Can tablets change the way we run our Police Force?


In a £500k project, Staffordshire Police are rolling a scheme to utilise tablets within the force in a bid to save time and money, as well as increasing overall efficiency.

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