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Will you be turning off your computer over the Easter weekend?


Any holiday season is time to down tools, spend quality time with friends and family, and take a break from work. Traditionally, anyway. In this modern age, where technology is more portable than ever-before, even if you are not working, the chances are that you may well be checking in and posting across popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... Should a business post on social media over the holidays? ...

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Social media giants face massive hate speech and fake news fines


German ministers have agreed upon plans to that will result in fining social media companies up to 50m euros (£42.7m) if they don’t remove hate speech and fake news promptly. The suggested law would give the firms just 24 hours to block all blatantly criminal content after being reported, with an allowance of 7 days for other offensive material...

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Tech support scams target victims via internet service providers


A scam where fraudsters pose as legitimate internet service providers to offer phoney tech support, via the telephone or the internet, has caught many an unsuspecting computer user out. The fraudsters often claim to be representatives of Microsoft and then charge for bogus tech support...

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Twitter shuts down 377k 'terrorism' accounts


Twitter says it shut almost 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in the second half of 2016; it claims to have suspended a total of 636,248 accounts since mid-2015, which is up from a total of 355,000 reported last summer. Twitter has been under increasing pressure to do more to stop groups such as so-called Islamic State from using its platform...

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Intel buys Mobileye, driverless car tech firm


Intel, US chipmaker, is taking over driverless car specialist Mobileye, in a move that has cost them £12.5bn; Intel will pay $63.54 per share in cash for the Israeli company that develops "autonomous driving" systems. Intel expects the driverless market to be worth as much as $70bn by 2030...

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