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Tech support scams target victims via internet service providers


A scam where fraudsters pose as legitimate internet service providers to offer phoney tech support, via the telephone or the internet, has caught many an unsuspecting computer user out. The fraudsters often claim to be representatives of Microsoft and then charge for bogus tech support...

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Twitter shuts down 377k 'terrorism' accounts


Twitter says it shut almost 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in the second half of 2016; it claims to have suspended a total of 636,248 accounts since mid-2015, which is up from a total of 355,000 reported last summer. Twitter has been under increasing pressure to do more to stop groups such as so-called Islamic State from using its platform...

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Intel buys Mobileye, driverless car tech firm


Intel, US chipmaker, is taking over driverless car specialist Mobileye, in a move that has cost them £12.5bn; Intel will pay $63.54 per share in cash for the Israeli company that develops "autonomous driving" systems. Intel expects the driverless market to be worth as much as $70bn by 2030...

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New Google ‘hidden’ Captcha form technology


Website security checks that ask people to prove they are not robots are expected to vanish, because of a new system that Google has developed. Currently, ‘Captcha’ checks usually ask people to complete a puzzle that a computer would struggle to complete correctly..

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New Windows 10 security update options


Microsoft will allow Windows 10 users to choose when security updates are installed instead of enforcing them straightaway. For many, reboots required for some updates are disruptive as they cannot presently be deferred. Users of Windows 10 devices can now schedule an update within three days of notification, announced the firm in a blog...

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